溶接ステンレス鋼管や板曲げ鋼管・継ぎ手類は、様々な工場やプラントでの安全な液体製品・ガスまたは粉体の輸送 に使用されます。

Outokumpu strive to be your preferred partner of stainless steel tubular products.

We manufacture, stock and supply fittings, flanges, welded stainless steel tubes and pipes.

We are specialists in serving all kind of process industries, stock holders and manufacturers, and can offer large package deliveries with all type of tubular products, as well as fulfilling smaller demands for urgent maintenance.

All our products you can find in the product catalogue:

Product Catalogue 2008 with CAD support (4.2 MB)

From October the product catalogue exists in an updated version.