The absolutely most important property of stainless steel is the ability to maintain the same surface, colour and structure i.e. its corrosion resistance. Also below the surface stainless steel has valuable and usefull properties e.g. mechanical strength.

The properties of our stainless steels are described in this section. In our Steel Professional Tool you can find data on mechanical properties, physical properties and also corrosion data from our corrosion handbook. Click on Steel Professional Tool on the left hand navigation.

Information regarding properties is also presented in numerous publications. One of the most general ones is "Steel Grades, Properties and Global Standards":

Steel Grades, Properties and Global Standards (759 KB)

Technical papers describing the properties and use of our stainless steel grades are presented in a magazine, Acom. To see a list of all Acoms go to publications and select "Document Type" and then "Technical Papers". You can also search for publications in the Steel Professional Tool.