Outokumpu is committed to the protection of the environment. Our vision is to be the leading supplier of stainless steels, respected for the knowledge we hold about our products and recognized for our commitment to the principles of sustainable development

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes. Our goal is to achieve continual improvement in our performance and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and our products. In line with this commitment, we implement environmental management systems, certified to a recognized international standard.

We are also committed to the development of innovative solutions and new products to help reduce impact on the environment. This information will be distributed throughout the company to make optimum use of these advances.

We believe in open dialogue about the environmental issues concerning our operations and products. We will provide sufficient information to interested parties, to enable them to understand the environmental impact of our activities.

The responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the operational organization. Each operational unit will create such implementation programs as required to comply with this policy including employee awareness and training. These programs will be monitored and audited to ensure satisfactory implementation of this policy.